Kenacort 4 mg
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Kenacort contains Triamcinolone Acetonide as the main active ingredient. Kenacort belongs to a class of drugs called corticosteroids. Kenacort prevents the release of substances in the body that cause inflammation. Kenacort used to treat the inflammation and itching caused by a number of conditions such as ulcerative colitis, arthritis.

The anti-inflammatory actions of corticosteroids are thought to involve lipocortins, phospholipase A2 inhibitory proteins which, through inhibition of arachidonic acid, control the biosynthesis of prostaglandins and leukotrienes. Firstly, however, these glucocorticoids bind to the glucocorticoid receptors which translocate into the nucleus and bind DNA (GRE) and change genetic expression both positively and negatively. The immune system is suppressed by corticosteroids due to a decrease in the function of the lymphatic system, a reduction in immunoglobulin and complement concentrations, the precipitation of lymphocytopenia and interference with antigen-antibody binding.

Kenacort has various side effects such as aggression, agitation anxiety, blurred vision, decrease in the amount of urine, dizziness fast, slow, pounding, or irregular heartbeat or pulse headache irritability, mental depression mood changes, nervousness, rattling breathing numbness or tingling in the arms or legs pounding in the ears shortness of breath swelling of the fingers, hands, feet, or lower legs trouble thinking, speaking or walking, trouble breathing at rest and  weight gain.

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