Melalong Cream

Melalong Cream 2.0%/0.01% 15 g
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Melalong Cream is a combination medicated cream containing the active ingredients Mequinol, a skin bleaching agent and Tretinoin, a man made form of vitamin A used to treat sun damaged skin. Melalong Cream is a skin lightening agent and can be used in the gradual bleaching of hyperpigmented skin due to freckles and senile lentigines. It can be used by people wishing for fairer skin and also in the treatment of chloasma, a condition that causes dark patches on the face, especially the cheeks.

Melalong Cream should only be applied topically once per day at bedtime unless otherwise directed by a doctor. Wash the cream off thoroughly in the morning before heading outdoors. Contact a doctor for the correct dosage and length of treatment as it will depend on the patient's condition and their response to the therapy. It is recommended to apply sunscreen if you intend to head outdoors after washing off the medicated cream.

Patients using Melalong Cream may encounter unwanted side effects such as: dry skin, erythematous lesions, white patches at application site, increased sensitivity to the sun.

Immediately proceed to your nearest emergency department if you suffer an allergic reaction. Symptoms usually associated with such a reaction include difficulty breathing or swallowing, chest tightness, swelling, skin rashes, and hives.

Melalong Cream is not always suitable for all patients. Always consult your health care provider prior to using Melalong Cream if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to conceive, using any other medication (prescription or non-prescription), using any herbal products or supplements, or if you have any allergies or other health problems.

The correct dosage and prescription commonly depend on the patient and the condition being treated. Do not adjust your dosage without the approval of your health care provider. Melalong Cream is only for use as prescribed and instructed.

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