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SynthoGen is a great way to improve the mass, shape, definition, and appearance of muscles. Bodybuilders use SynthoGen prior to bodybuilding competitions because the effects are dramatic and instant.

The effect of using SynthoGen is very individual and depends on each individual organism. The speed of hyperplasia varies from person to person but it has been proved by experience that after two months after the injection is canceled all that you have left in the muscle is exclusively new muscle fibers.

When using SynthoGen intramuscularly you should be wary of the following side effects and complications inflammatory diseases (when not observing the conditions of sterility) nerve damage during the injection.  Therefore, with the appearance of sharp painful sensations you should stop the administration of SynthoGen and repeat the injection in a few days.

Fat embolism (when a needle enters a blood vessel and subsequent administration of synthol into it, a blockage of the vessels of the lungs, brain and as a consequence an ischemic stroke or a pulmonary infarction is possible). It is necessary to pull the plunger of the syringe before administrating the drug and make sure that there is no blood in the needle In the bloodstream.

The use of SynthoGen complicates the process of strength training (due to excessive muscle swelling). In practice the muscles become so large that their training becomes inadequate. Therefore, it is necessary to administer SynthoGen after workout and carefully massage the injection site.

The effect of SynthoGen on the muscles of the same athlete may not be the same (for example, it can differently increase the volume of the right and left biceps, even if introduced into identical areas, to the same depth and in the same volume).

Therefore, in practice, small dosages are used and the drug is administered along the entire length of the muscle. The rule "less is better" is perfect when administering SynthoGen.

It should be understood that SynthoGen is not a magic tool and can not substitute for full training, nutrition and rest. Considering all the pros and cons of SynthoGen professional athletes try to use it with extreme caution.

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